Board of Trustees

Board Members

Jenni Best President
2019-2023 second term

Greg Barnard, Secretary
2021-2025 second term

Erin Subelka, Treasurer
First term 2021-2025

Stephanie Spencer
2019 -2023 first term

Lori Whaley
2022-2026 second term

Doug Bond
2022-2026 first term

Heath Flax
First term 2022-2026


April 2022
National Library Week is a great time to remind you that a local community library not only has a staff, it needs great volunteers to set policy, budget and direction of the library. Who does that in Oskaloosa? The Library Board of Trustees is the governing body of the library. It is appointed by the city council and has legal authority according Kansas State Statutes. In short this means that the Board of Trustees has taxing authority to set the local budget, hire staff, enter into contracts, and set policies that affect collection development and services.
Say thank you to these dedicated library trustee members: Greg Barnard, President, Rhonda Perry, Secretary. Jenni Best, Treasurer, Stephanie Spencer, Lori Whaley, Erin Subelka, Tara Noble.


September 2020 Agenda